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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who's Home?

The story of Katie and Mr Werbowski will continue another day. 

For now:

 Yoo Hoo!

Anybody home?

Baby Starlings. My Dad used to call them the scourge of Canada. Brought to our country on the boats way back when. They didn't do as well in Europe and England because of the smog from all the coal fires, but one of the earliest explorers brought them in cages and once set free here, they flourished! They scavenge the nests of other birds and dump the eggs and then lay their own.

The European Starlings in North America are the descendants from 2 introductions in New York City. In 1890, 60 birds and in 1891,  40 birds. They have spread to the Pacific coast and up into central Canada.

 Taken on June 30, 2010 in Pinafore Park in St Thomas, Ontario.

These photographs were shot with my Nikon P-90 digital camera and downloaded directly from the camera and then to this blog. My aim is to take my reader along with me on the journey, so although I am aware of my framing of the shot, content and quality, I am most interested in sharing the experience.