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Monday, July 3, 2017

My Wednesday Class Visits The Pet Cemetery

I teach classes in Port Burwell, Ontario, Canada on Wednesday nights through the good weather. Last week, we took a field trip out to a pet Cemetery just south of a little town called Eden. We wandered...We practised our empath gifts by "seeing" what energy we could "feel" from the back side of the headstones there. What sort of fur baby was there, any inscription, dates, names.... It's something that anyone can do in any cemetery to practice. I thought you might like to see the place too and i highly recommend you road trip out there. Not only is this a lovely place to remember our babies, but the place has such love!

These photographs were shot with my Nikon P-90 digital camera and downloaded directly from the camera and then to this blog. My aim is to take my reader along with me on the journey, so although I am aware of my framing of the shot, content and quality, I am most interested in sharing the experience.

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