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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Murder on the high seas!

Every day we watch CNN for the updates on the catastrophe in the Gulf Of Mexico and how many of you are all thanking the "powers" that be to not be living near this nightmare?

 Be careful of how you speak!

 Did you know that there are capped petroleum wells right here under Lake Erie?

 I looked out at my beloved harbor the other morning and was rewarded with this sight:

 Yes, this is a maintenance rig being towed out to the location of one of the capped wells that have been drilled right here on Lake Erie.
She has been docked in our harbor for a few days now, I think for maintenance herself.
 I held my breath as I snapped away and watched the Tug tow her out the mouth of the harbor.
(It's a narrow channel and because the Federal Government decided to no longer dredge it, it is very shallow.)

 Whew! Safely out!

This photo is cropped so you can see the rig better. Click on it to pop it open!

The Miss Libby Link... funny, Transport Canada has her registered for service out west?

 You never know what's in your backyard, do you? I have a nuclear reactor just across in Akron and capped wells littering the lake's bed.

 What's in your neighborhood that's just waiting for the moment and time?

These photographs were shot with my Nikon P-90 digital camera and downloaded directly from the camera and then to this blog. My aim is to take my reader along with me on the journey, so although I am aware of my framing of the shot, content and quality, I am most interested in sharing the experience.


Brian Miller said...

oh we have nuclear here...but i am not glowing yet...smiles.

Eva Gallant said...

It is scary that there is so much potential for disaster everywhere it seems!

Marydon Ford said...

Accidents, unfortunately, happen ... let's just hope that they don't happen again, if ever.

Have a beau-TEA-ful week.
TTFN ~ Marydon

DJan said...

This disaster I hope will be the impetus for our taking a new direction. I hope that in ten years (if I'm still around God willing) we will look back and see this event as being the tipping point... I can hope, anyway.

Anonymous said...

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