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Monday, May 3, 2010

Chickens at the market

As I walked up the incline Saturday, to that end of the barns, I thought maybe I'd be out of luck for chicks too, but I was not disappointed.

But I could hear them clucking before I saw them. 
I rounded the corner and there!

I am chicken number 484!

Such sharp, bright eyes!

Then I saw this young man at a table full of boxes and Jackpot!

Baby Chicks and Ducks! Yay!

Little babies all huddled in corners of boxes...
Makes me sort of sad...

These are Arcana.

Even with the serious cuteness! 
I overheard a man tell the young chap that the names of the breeds were written in marker on the boxes. These are Africans.

42... 67.... 12..... Hike!

The softest of the softest. just makes you want to cuddle something!
These are Spekin ducks. 

These two little ones were big enough to see out the box! They kept popping their heads up, not seeming to be afraid at all! Good to see!

I spotted these vintage chicken cages.  Whew! 
They look like a lot of work to make, don't they?

All of these photos were again shot and loaded directly from my Nikon P90 and then posted without alteration of any kind.


Brian Miller said...

so cute. the local tractor store gets chicks in and the boys love to go see them...

DJan said...

Are they sold for breeding, or for meat, or both? They are seriously cute!

Judy said...

So that's how it all begins? :)
Our chicks came in a box with holes and those things were chirping away. Love the photos.

Davine said...

They are so cute

Eva Gallant said...

Those are cute fuzzy fur balls!