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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Need....

 Agricultural roots run as deeply as the long fingers of the tree's roots that stands in your backyard. The 'rule of thumb' is that however wide you see the canopy, the roots actually reach that far out as well!

 Our own personal roots run much deeper and take hold with much more tenacity that mere vegetation.

 The traits that pass down through the generations have been gained through years of hard work, dedication and yes, even love. Where we walk and talk is exactly where our ancestors trod. Those words from our mouths are words spoken by mouths that gave us life:

Our Mothers
Our Fathers
 ...and so on ...

 My family is just now one generation away from the farming life.

 My sister and I grew up on a farm, but left. Drawn by the siren called Lake Erie.

For my sister and I, it is absolutely necessary to turn the soil in gardens and planters as soon as our Canadian winters allow. Our bodies crave the feel of the soil sifting through our stiff, arthritic fingers and our senses demand the sight of spindly, opalescent green bedding plants. Our nostrils sing with the odor of the damp, rich earth!
 I feel validated when I can pick a succulent red tomato or a few leaves of aromatic Basil from my own planters. I weep real tears when the frost takes it's revenge on summer's glory and my plants are black and shriveled.

My sister had one daughter who grew up on a farm, but left. Drawn by the needs of her family.
 She has a fabulous garden with fruit trees and raised vegetable beds. 

I never have to worry about a gift and only need to buy a certificate from a build-all or the local nursery for this woman.

Two weeks ago, she gave me this planter...

Called it my:

"Your not my mother's day gift..."

...And I am sooo proud! 

She chose and planted it herself and it is perfect for me and our house!

 My niece has had two daughters born in the city and I am wondering if the traits of the generations of farmers who have gone before these two precious girls will wend their way through into their future?

 Will I see them plant and till the soil, growing abundance where only dirt and moisture exists?

Will they stay city girls?
Will they be Lake girls like their Grandma and Antie?

Or will they go back to the earth and our roots of hard working farmers?

 What will they be?

All of these photos were again shot and loaded directly from my Nikon P90 and then posted without alteration of any kind.


Lori E said...

You always keep a little of the farm I think. I love the plant choices. I fill my garden and planters with black plants and with some lime green they just pop. It is surprising how many plants are almost black either in their leaves or their flowers.

Everyday Goddess said...

i think it would be hard for them to get too far away from the farm with the same blood flowing through their veins as is in yours.

wonderful writing!

Brian Miller said...

i think the farm still runs in your blood, if not but just a little...each to make their own decisions...on which way their limb branches...

Sniffles and Smiles said...

This is so beautifully leaves me feeling the warmth of love and connection with the past. And as always, your photos are really fantastic! Have a wonderful Memorial Day! Love, Janine XO

Eva Gallant said...

You're not your mother's day gift was beautiful!