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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chapter 6 Panic In My Heart!

This story was begun on Monday, June 28, 2010 and is entitled Katie and Mr Werbowski. 

Sometimes, I'll still post photographs and jump back and forth, because that's just how I am! My job has also sort of taken over my energy, but I'll post as much as I can!

So if you'd like, use the following link: Katie and Mr Werbowski: The very first post 

...For the very first installment!

From the previous post.....

    (  John, hands and arms flailed in anguished expression of his dismay and he yelled his misgivings to the heavens: " I've finally found meself a young lady and what on earth will I do with this bachelor's farm?" 

          His worried eyes took in the view..... )

 Chapter six....Panic!

      Suddenly and without warning, there appeared a second cloud of dust as John Werbowski's butt hit the dirt of the laneway. He hung his bronzed chin in his big, working man's hands and wept.

    "Oh my Lord! What will she ever think?" He raised his watery gaze to the scene in front of him and here is what he saw:

     A shack. A tired and hastily built shack. Made with boards bought at the lumber store in town and they weren't even properly matching boards. Just whatever the lumberyard had that was cheap! 

    "Aw Jack! You an' me didn't need much, did we?" The dog wagged back. A sharp lick to a defenseless cheek. Jack thought the tears tasted nice. Sort of like the salt pork his master sometimes dropped from his fingers as treats!  He cocked his head. Maybe if he stayed very, very still and looked cute enough, there would be pork somewhere?

       John rubbed at his bursting eyes to clear them, looked again and this time saw a dirt yard. Not a blade nor a bloom to break up the expanse of Missouri dirt. Not a decorative stone nor a wooden gate for relief. Just dirt.

   "We didn't need any fru-frus, eh Jack?" He patted his dog's head and Jack wagged his tail in anticipation... 

     "He's getting ready to drop pork!" He sniffed his master's hand. "Is there pork there?" 

     John had stopped the tears the panic had sprung and with the determination he was known for, he studied his homestead. The shack had a window. A door and a window and one big room. Not a thread of cloth hung in the window, not a doorknob on the door. Just plain, simple, functional bits and pieces that a man and dog needed to make a day with. 

     John lifted the dog's head in both hands and allowed the pet to lick the tears to his hearts content. He laid his cheek next to this buff colored animal who had been his only companion and ordered:

    "Well boy! We've got some work to do! We have a fine Irish lady who says she's going to come and keep us company and if we expect her to stay, we'd best get busy and make her a house fit for staying in!"

       ... And so as Katie was making plans with her trunks and boxes, Mr Werbowski and Jack began the plans for a proper home. 

      ... And with the planning and work, the panic receded to the back corner of his mind.... 


  I 'll also copywrite it, so don't get any thoughts there either! (Little joke there! As if someone would steal it and actually put it into print!)


Brian Miller said... never is quite an enjoyable story...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the next chapter. Interesting!

Eva Gallant said...

You have a great gift for weaving a tale. I'm loving this. Keep the chapters coming!

Nezzy said...

What a grand story you tell. I just popped in and am tryin' to catch up on my blogs. I've been battlin' shingles all summer and am so far behind.

God bless ya and have a glorious day sweetie!!!

Nezzy said...

I was just checkin' back for more. I hope your doin' well.

God bless ya and you have yourself the most beautiful day!!!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

It's a good one!!! Don't sell yourself short!!!! Have missed your blog!!! Nice to be back visiting again! Hope everything settles down for you soon! ~Janine Xo