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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Walking Up The Lane

This story was begun on Monday, June 28, 2010 and is entitled Katie and Mr Werbowski. Sometimes, I'll still post photographs and jump back and forth, because that's just how I am!
So if you'd like, use the following link:

Katie and Mr Werbowski: The very first post

...For the very first installment! 

I 'll also copywrite it, so don't get any thoughts there either!(Little joke there! As if!)


Chapter 4

Walking Up The Lane

              Mr Werbowski fairly skipped up the lane! Well, if a fairly big man could skip and hop, that's what he would have done!

               "John" as he thought of himself, was so truly, unbelievably happy! He had his letter in his hand, (gently held so as not to ruin the fragile paper! He would never let anything happen to this letter of hers!) And... The very fact that she had written at all, was just so unbelievably unbelievable!

            Little puffs of dust kicked up with each joyous footstep! The cuffs of his work trousers becoming chalky with it! A whiff of Missouri river sand hit his nostrils and plop! He stopped! He looked down towards his planted feet.

           "What will a young lady think Jack?" He demanded to the yellow dog. 

Jack of course just plopped himself on his haunches, (swirling more dust) and twisting his wide noggin sideways in universal dog-ism, asked his master: "What cha' mean boss?"

          John, hands and arms flailed in anguished expression of his dismay and he yelled his misgivings to the heavens: " I've finally found meself a young lady and what on earth will I do with this bachelor's farm?" 

          His worried eyes took in the view.....

So here's something else: I've never been to either Missouri or Ireland, so if I make a historical, geographic or period information mistake, I'm sorry!

These photographs were shot with my Nikon P-90 digital camera and downloaded directly from the camera and then to this blog. My aim is to take my reader along with me on the journey, so although I am aware of my framing of the shot, content and quality, I am most interested in sharing the experience.


Brian Miller said...

nice glad you are progressing slowly with this and you are building good tension along the way as well...

Eva Gallant said...

You may have never been to either place, but your write a heck of a story!

Anonymous said...