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Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Cruise Ship On The River?

Life goes full circle and will provide the answers to your questions. 
You just have to wait long enough!

One morning as we sat relishing our coffee and being on vacation, Dick was suddenly pointing and yelling: "Look!"

I always hate it when he does that and as always, refused to look and demanded he simply tell me what I was to look at.

He finally won out and as I was looking in disbelieving wonder out the window of our little cottage, he grabbed the camera and flew out to photograph the amazing thing on the river.

It was a cruise ship!

 We were so surprised, but as I flung myself out the door, Dick handed over the camera ...

 ...and we ran out to the end of our dock to gaze upon the sight just like proper tourists should!

 She started to turn in the channel...

...And around the river bend she sailed... 
Us standing there on the dock for a few minutes
... Still stunned and in awe!

Now, I have to go back in life to a couple of years ago. 

We woke up one morning in St Augustine and it was so foggy! It was American Thanksgiving Day and also the morning we had to leave. As always we were grumpy at the thought of leaving Florida. I pulled back the curtain of our motel room and couldn't quite make out what was docked at the marina that is beside the Santa Maria Restaurant. It looked like a cruise ship but I didn't believe my eyes because of the fog. Who would have a cruise ship in St Augustine?  Because we had to leave, we didn't have time to walk down the docks and see what it was. 

I have always wondered since....

This ship on the river looked like what I had seen that morning in St Augustine!

So then after taking these photos, we had breakfast and decided to drive back over to Palatka to visit a couple of Pawn shops there. It was a few hours later when we drove up and over the huge bridge that brings you to the city and I couldn't help but laugh! There, at the docks in Palatka, was the same cruise ship of the morning!
Of course we parked and walked over!

We walked down the dock and there was nice young man in uniform with pamphlets in his hands. We explained seeing the ship on the river and in St Augustine a couple of years ago and he agreed it was likely the same one. They sail for a week's cruise and currently were tied up serving lunch in the dining room, located in the aft.

American Cruise Lines 

... The American Glory

This ship sails the river  on what they call the

Great Rivers of Florida Eight-Day / Seven-Night Cruise
and this link takes you to the descriptive page.

The ship's capacity is 49 and boasts all the luxuries we've all come to expect.

I tell you! It's now on our Bucket List!

Life gives you the lessons you need and the answers to all your questions.  One of my questions now is how comfortable are the beds in the cabins?

All of these photos were again shot and loaded directly from my Nikon P90 and then posted without alteration of any kind.


DJan said...

Wow, that sounds like a great cruise! I think you should go now, and take lots of picture, and post them on here. That way I can go along compliments of you!!

TechnoBabe said...

Sometimes we have to see something up close and personal to know we want to do it. A cruise like this would be relaxing and fun . Hope you have a wonderful Easter.

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

D-Jan... Hopefully we'll do it while I'm still blogging, but knowing us, we'll catch scent of something else on the wind and be off in a different direction! Call us Dick and Lucy Irish Setter!

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

I think your free advertising deserves a couple of cruise tickets, don't you!!! Amazing photos...I'm so happy you got to talk to the rep of the cruise so this wouldn't be forever a mystery...great blog post!!!

tainterturtles said...

What great photos. I would love to try a cruise just once in my life!

Holly said...

That would be quite a sight! It sounds like a really interesting cruise...I would be up for that one.

Lynn said...

Love cruises and a river cruise sounds lovely.

Eva Gallant said...

Gread photos. I like the one looking down the length of the dock the best!