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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Longhorn Cattle of Florida

 You just know this has to be good!

We drove up to this field of longhorns and I have never seen such horns! Apparently, Florida Longhorns are a different breed from Texas Longhorns today, but are descended from Texas Longhorns brought here many years ago. (Don't quote me on that!)

These were taken over top of the fence.

This chap had his eye on me the whole time I was clicking away!

This is Mr Bull grazing forward....

And grazing back... Such a big bruizer! I don't think the photos can make you feel their heft!

The on one the left is just a regular Hereford. Likely adopted!

I mean, we have Texas Longhorns up here, but these are different from Texas Longhorns, which have their horns grow out sideways rather than up. The thickness and diameter of the horns seems bigger too! 

If anyone is more familiar with Florida Longhorns, please comment!

All of these photos were again shot and loaded directly from my Nikon P90 and then posted without alteration of any kind.


Eva Gallant said...

Wow, those horns are immense!

Lynn said...

As a Texan, I've never seen a Longhorn like that except in documentaries about India or Africa. Of course, I don't get out much. lol

Mother's Moon's Message said...

we have some long horns here in Oklahoma as well. I think they are beautiful creatures... although Vincent keeps telling me they are just dumb cows... Between them and the Buffalo, I still think they are gorgeous..

DJan said...

No wonder that sign said to stay away! Did you use your telephoto or did you really get that close? And you think I am crazy for jumping out of airplanes?? :-) Yikes!

Land of shimp said...

Holy crow! They look like something from Where the Wild Things Are! Can you imagine wandering through the woods, no warning signs, ages in the past, you come to a clearing and that's the sight the greets you?

I think I might die of fright as a pre-emptive measure. In the moonlight they must look like a cross between cattle and dragons. Drattle.

Sorry to ramble on here, but I've been around cows. I'm not some "never been near anything larger than a poodle" type of person...and candidly? That bull scares the bejeebers out of me.

Wayne Holland said...
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Wayne Holland said...

My greatgrandmother imported the first longhorns into Florida from her ranch in Texas sometime in the late '10s early '20s. They traveled by train and she rode in the cattle cars with them while her children rode in a passenger car on the train. The longhorns were her "babies" and were affectionate to her. Anyone else had to stay away!