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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Anytime you are traveling through the countryside, pause a moment and notice one of the monoliths known as a barn. Most of them handcrafted a century or more ago, they are quite often held together with wooden pins and huge, hand hewn beams. Each one unique and historic. 

These huge, sometimes craggy, sometimes svelte buildings make my eyes happy!
These are all located in Ontario, Canada

All gray and gloomy, this old soldier is simply falling in.
This barn would likely have been an implement barn.

A very typical example of an Ontario Barn.

Still in fair repair with cement silos.

What's in there? If you look closely, you'll still see remnants of the equipment for the elevators to attach to for loading the silage into the silos!

(Silage is fermented field corn that is chopped and fed to cattle)


The open doorways and windows behind the overgrown weeds and bushes.  I love the way the planks were never painted.

Oh! What secrets lie behind those walls?


Anonymous said...

With the way farming is anymore these old barns are becoming more & more common. Small farmers are passe' & these old beauties are ghosts of the past!!
Absolutely beautiful post!!
Have a Wonderful Day!

She Writes said...

I love old barns!

Anonymous said...

I love old barn and I love to paint old barns and buildings. A great post. Thanks for stopping by and lifting a prayer up for Lisa Smith. blessings

Eva Gallant said...

Wonderful photos!

LadyCat said...

Great old barns. We have a lot of very delapidated barns around here. They look like ghosts out in the fields.

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

I'm glad to have found another barn lover! You can't move round these parts for them.

I love them! I love how they're these little pieces of history just sitting there, waiting to tell their stories!

Love the photos!

Prerna said...

Awesome spectacular photographs

troutbirder said...

Very interesting study. My favorites around here are the round barns. I always wonder why they were built that way long ago.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love barns and have great memories of the one that my grandfather had. It's still standing and I guess some of my cousins now take care of the farm.

Anonymous said...

yeah! Someone else who loves dilapidated barns!! I have a montage of abandoned barn photos, ours included, but we haven't abandoned ours!!

Nina Diane said...

thanks so much for sharing those wonderful pictures. I love barns....they just seem to all have a story to tell

Nezzy said...

This Ozarks farm chick thinks there is just nothin' better than a big old barn. We have several scattered 'round the Ponderosa. My cousins and I spent many hours climbing, jumpin and dreamin' in old barns. Your pics are just marvelous!

From the hills and holler of Missouri, ya'll have a wonderfully blessed weekend!!!

Deidra said...

Lots of barns here in Nebraska. I love to see them as I drive down the highway. I think each one tells a story.

Bogaman said...

Great pictures. This is one of my passions. Old barns, silos and windmills. A dieing breed. X.

ethelmaepotter! said...

Ooooooh, old barns, one of my favorite subjects! I started out last fall doing a post on them, but it took a turn toward fall, so I saved most of my barn photos for a later post.
When I was a teen, I bought a magazine which featured a barn that had been reconstructed as a house, and it was absolutely breathtaking. I daydreamed about living in that place for years and years and years... It still had the old barnwood, inside and out, although with insulation added, of course, souring ceilings, loft with ladder, horse stalls that had been refitted as study, music, and crafts nooks. Oh! I'm homesick for it right now!