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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Make Beef Oven Stew

I put a little olive oil in my big Dutch Oven. When it's hot, dropped in my beef and browned it on all sides. Now, Julia Child would tell you to dry each piece of beef off so it will brown properly, but I don't usually have that kind of patience! 

I like to buy a beef roast and cut it into cubes. Watch the prices. Quite often, I can buy a blade roast cheaper than stewing beef. Did you know cheap stewing beef can be cut from the neck and lower legs and the other 'not so desirable' areas? I like to sort of have an idea of where the stuff comes from. A good butcher will chunk up the brisket,  which is great too! I remembered to salt and pepper the meat while it was browning.

I like to use about twice as much raw veggies as I have meat. Sliced and cubed all my veggies to add while the beef is browning.

 Here we have turnip, sweet potato and mushrooms. I also like to put Zucchini in (the long green squash,) but didn't have any on hand this day. I like zucchini, because it just takes on the flavor of whatever it's with and the boys don't mind it's there!

Once the beef got to a brown stage, threw in a cup or so of chopped Spanish onion and let them brown up just a bit to increase the flavor.

After the meat browns, I poured water into the pot SLOWLY! Slowly means you won't warp your good pot by lowering the temperature too fast.  Just covered the meat for now. Now Into the pot I tossed all my veggies and some ketchup. About 1/2 cup to start and then covered all those with water.

Spices go in now. I chose more salt and pepper, garlic, paprika, bay leaf, some soy sauce and some Worchestershire and of course a little brown sugar.


Simmer, simmer, simmer for five or six hours.

I made what's called a 'Rue'. Equal parts of butter and flour all mashed in together.  You see, flour won't melt into water, but it will mix into grease, (the butter,) and then melt into the stew.
Now, I slowly add some hot stew stuff into the butter to get it melting and then stir away so it won't all cook into clods in the stew. I was mostly successful with just a few lumps that nobody would notice. This is for me and Dick after all, not company!


This is a good part! I had a roll of frig biscuits  that I was going to use for the coffee cake and thought? I'd like some biscuits please with my stew momma! So I just laid them all around the top of my pot. Put the whole thing in my pre heated 350 degree oven until they were baked!

Spooned out into a bowl. A little butter on my biscuit and WOW! A great dinner!

Huge, hearty hunks of meat and veggies!

Perfect for our winter dinner and lots left over for lunches!


Lori E said...

This is very similar to the stew I make. I taught my husband how to make it too and it is one of the staple suppers when the guys are at the cabin.

Eva Gallant said...

I love beef stew! I like turip, but not so much in stew. I usually use carrots instead. I've never tried putting brown sugar in and ketchup. Gotta try that!

ethelmaepotter! said...

Totaly different from any stew I've ever seen, and it sounds and looks scrumptious! Great winter meal. I beleive I'll fix this one night next week. Thanks!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is a lot different than mine but I like the idea of spicing it up a bit and may just try your way next time I make stew. It looks wonderful

Nina Diane said...

mmm...looks so yummy...especially on this very cold night

AngelMc said...

Wow that looks great and I bet it was delicious.

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

Looks fantastic! I'm hungry again (and I just ate dinner!). :D

Jayne said...

Wow... what time should we all be there for dinner? ;c)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That really does look fabulous! I have made stews for years...but I have never put cubes of sweet potato in the mix! I don't know why! It looks great! I love the biscuits on top, too! Great recipe!

The Tablescaper said...

This looks del-lish. I haven't had beef stew in years. I was never fond of it as a child, but your recipe inspires me to try again. I partiuclarly like the biscuits on top.

- The Tablescaper