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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Collecting Dolls

This post is for all the doll collectors in the world.  I must admit, I always look at dolls, but it's not my thing. Yes, they are pretty and sweet and the dresses and hair are beautiful, but I want to look at cars and junk art rather than dolls. Call me callus or insensitive, but that's just me.

I did however, find a couple of little dollies that I wanted to share.

Did I say little? 

That's a regular side table and dresser there! This little girl stood a good three feet tall!

Another sister was standing to one side.
I asked: 'Could I please take your photo today?"

I thought I heard a small baby chuckle. I whirled! But no movement!
Your ears are playing tricks on you! I scolded myself!

The beautiful brunette stood watching over her sisters. All stony and certainly silent. Just a doll I said. 

Once more, I turned to the lovely blonde lass and chastised myself!
'You're seeing things that aren't there old girl!' I said!

                                 .....Then oh! What was that?

Is she staring through your soul too?

I ran!


Anonymous said...

The fancy dolls are so pretty but I collect the baby or toddler dolls!! I love the one that is sitting!!

Eva Gallant said...

Those are gorgeous!! Love the photos!

crochet lady said...

Thanks for sharing those great doll pics.

It is amazing how the look on a doll's face can be so real sometimes. I think that's what creeps me out a little about dolls. I don't think they would be something I would every collect although, I have a few favorite, treasured dolls that were passed down in the family that I like very much and wouldn't part with.

Lynn said...

The dolls, the costumes, the eyelashes, and expressions are exquisite. Love the background story. :D

DJan said...

I like to look at these porcelain dolls but I've always wondered if they are for children or collectors.

The Caffeinated Globe said...

Beautifully handcrafted porcelain dolls. I especially liked the camera angles in picture no. 4 & no. 5.