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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's Inside?

The Courtland Antique Emporium

If you're ever wandering down number 3 highway in Ontario, keep your eyes peeled for a little village called Courtland.

Hold your hats! It's going to take two posts to get this one done!

Look at this old, rundown building? Doesn't it just make your heart pound in anticipation?

You will not be disappointed!  Hang on! This is quite a ride!

Looking left...

Looking right... Let's just dive in, shall we?

Just to my left, I spotted this hand carved drum. So primitive and beautiful.

Someone has added their own personal touch!
I should have bought this, but we already have too much!

A huge wooden bin of egg beaters. So many!

Any collector would salivate at the selection of salts!

Any teacup for any potion.
I liked the little Deco one in the center.

Some pretty cool local stuff. Aylmer is just up the road in Ontario too!
Were your local tags made of leather?

Tomorrow, I'll post the rest of the photos I took that day.
All taken with my digital camera: A Nikon P90


DJan said...

Very, very cool pictures! It makes me want to take up collecting stuff, you bad girl... of course, I'm not there so I'm pretty safe. Tomorrow I'll be in Seattle but I'll be looking tomorrow night. Getting away from the computer for the day often puts me way behind.

Lori E said...

Sadly when I go into these places I always see stuff that I remember growing up. It makes me feel so old. Lol.
These places are so cool.

Marydon Ford said...

Turn me loose!

Pop over for our giveaway, if you haven't entered.

Happy Valentine's
TTFN ~ Marydon

Eva Gallant said...

You find the coolest places to photograph!

Nina Diane said...

wow....I could spend a few days looking through that place

Nezzy said...

Oh my gosh, I bet ya'll just thought you died and passed the pearly gates of Heaven!

God bless ya'll and have a fabulous day!!!