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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's Inside? Courtland Warehouse

The Courtland Antique and Collectible Warehouse!

One of the many delights this little village has and well worth the drive or day trip! If you're coming from 'someplace far'... accommodation is only a half hour drive away in Simcoe or Tillsonburg.

This vintage Grist Mill holds a treasure trove of delights for a collector of anything! 

Come inside and see what we've got! 


This is a multi dealer mall featuring affordable quality antiques, gifts and collectibles. There's also a small cafe in back offering light refreshments.

One of the first thing to catch my eye was this set of Wedgewood dishes in soft, glossy blue. 

I find the powder blue irresistible!

Notice the old two by sixteens the roof is made of?

Any green glass collectors out there?

I personally love Flo Blue and have several plates of various patterns myself. 

The Fiesta ware pitchers are hard to find around here too!

Anybody building a rec room?


These wooden bobbins came from one of the local textile factories that used to be in the area.
They make great candle holders!

Books Galore! Wait! 
Is that a cook book for pies and tarts? I have to buy that!

I hope you've enjoyed tagging along with me and my sister today. 
We both enjoy junking and plan on many more trips.
Don't worry, you can pack on the back anytime!


LadyCat said...

Wow, I could spend hours in there! I love the Wedgewood, the blue is irresistable...and at half price!

xinex said...

What a fun place to visit! Thanks for showing us...Christine

Respectfully Yours said...

Go Haldimand Norfolk...LOL

Eva Gallant said...

Wow! What a place! I'm blown away by the green glass! Beautiful photos, btw.

DJan said...

I also love the Wedgewood blue. I get overwhelmed by places like that, so much to see and look at that I usually avoid them. So going there with you at my side made it much better!

Nina Diane said...

you sure have some cool antique places where you live

ethelmaepotter! said...

Oh, the Wedgewood is gorgeous - just how much IS half off?
Floyd the Barber, from Mayberry would have loved this shop - he always dreamed of having a two-chair barbershop with a sign out front that said, "2 CHAIRS, NO WAITING!"

Jayne said...

I love places like this. I rarely take much home, but I love to browse!