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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Pictures

I didn't go out today until later because the plows had not gone through.
Here's what it looked like from our end of the world!

 The lifeguard station stands quite forlorn. 

The snowfence comes down as soon as spring arrives.


The sand erosion plantings look cold!

Just outside of town, the wind is one of my most hateful things about winter!


The birds were scratching on the roads for grit and food.

The fields are so lonely looking.
Not much here that looks pretty!

This is part of a flock of birds that were swarming like barn swallows do.
I kept trying to get close enough to them, but the car kept scaring them.
Sorry for the quality of the photo!

By the time I got back home, the sky was incredible!
Certainly more storms for my neighbors to the south of the Lake!


Suzie didn't think much of it either!

                             She came back in and headed for the register!
                         ...And I'm heading to my recliner!

All of these photos were again shot and loaded directly from my Nikon P90 and then posted without alteration of any kind.


Lynn said...

Incredible. The snow looks beautiful to me, but, of course, I'm not living with it. :D I got excited today because we had quit after 5 minutes.

Stay warm and hopefully the snow will quit soon.

Marydon Ford said...

We are BURIED ... 54" in 5 days. I love it! I may have done the HAPPY DANCE YIPPY SKIPPY too much, tho. It is awesome here ...

Happy Valentine's
Have a beautiful week ~
TTFN ~Marydon

Eva Gallant said...

Looks very cold in those photos!

DJan said...

I LOVE the cardinals! We don't have any here, at least not now. I'm hoping to get more birds this spring. I agree with Kitty: indoors looks much more inviting.

SquirrelQueen said...

Awesome photos, I love seeing the beach with snow it is such an unusual sight here on the west coast. Suzie reacts to snow the same way Cindi Lou does, turn around and find a warm spot.

My favorite types of photos are those straight from the camera, great job.

Frau said...

I'm totally sick of winter but maybe it's my winter grey I'm sick of. Your pictures are beautiful! Have a great day!

Lori E said...

It looks positively frigid there. I will be heading out here at 7:00 am and I won't even bring a jacket, just a blouse and a light v-neck sweater over it, and that is in Canada too.

Nina Diane said...

you know how I love snow pics! thanks for sharing. That sky sure looked scary....

ethelmaepotter! said...

Love the snowfence! And I've been trying two capture two cardinals in one shot for the longest time - you did great!