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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cutting It Close

I asked myself this question today:

What exactly is "cutting it too close"?

Every day we have decisions to make. What choice to make? Volunteer for the difficult task your manager offers that you know will challenge you or simply sit back in the boardroom, make yourself as tiny as possible and hope that someone else will stick their neck out? Which one is cutting it too close?

Here's another situation. It's a common occurrence where you're having a conversation with someone and you disagree and you try to think of some words or a phrase to express your opposing opinion without causing an argument or offending the person who's opinion you oppose?

What is cutting it too close?


Is it where you risk your reputation? 
Put it out there, on the line and you either come out smelling like a rose or like week old vase water?

 Or, is it any time that you're left with your legs dangling over the edge of the cavern and you just manage to grit your teeth, hang on and somehow against the odds, you keep upright?

What is cutting it too close?

All of these photos were again shot and loaded directly from my Nikon P90 and then posted without alteration of any kind.


Eva Gallant said...

Love the photos. Some thought provoking questions, there, too. I'm just not feeling profound enough to answer!

Anonymous said...

If I believe in it...I go for it!! But then again.... sometimes if you stick you neck out you can get it chopped off!!
Love the photos!!

DJan said...

To me, cutting it close means taking chances. If they are for a good reason, that's one thing. If it's just for thrills and chills, that's another. I'm not sure...

crochet lady said...

That statement..."cutting it too close," to me, implies not thinking a process or an action through and making a quick judgment call that may or may not be correct or satisfactory or just dangerous.

I think of a few times I cut it to close:
*the dead line of a term paper
*narrowly avoiding a car accident
*saying words I wish I could have stuffed back in my mouth
*getting down to the basement just before the windows blew out in the house from tornado winds

Nina Diane said...

sometimes you just have to go out on that just have to

Jayne said...

Boy, that's a good question! In my work situation, I suppose it's trying to get my point across without being hurtful or making it personal?