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Friday, March 12, 2010

In Search of Pie!

The Lighthouse Restaurant.

Located in the Lake Erie village of Port Burwell. This is a thriving year round community that also boasts... you've got it! 
                                       REAL PIE!

One of the old original hotels of our area, this big box of a building has been open as either a hotel, bar and restaurant for many, many years. 
Now clad in metal siding, it used to be that sort of siding that looks like asphalt shingles.

I like to take pictures so no one knows! 
They serve a full menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Bringing in local talent for nights of music and fun!
Many hours of happy times here, more than one drunken brawl and I'm sure the odd clandestine assignation!

Showing their Scottish roots over the fireplace.
Of course, Lake Erie Perch is a staple.

They just had the one kind of pie left though?
Everything else was sold out, so I had no choice but...

 Apple pie a la mode!

The apples looked like they'd be mostly raw.
(In my world, apple pie should be baked so the chunks of apple are cooked soft!)

The crust looked flaky and light. It was obviously a hand made one and not out of a box!

I jumped into the fray and was pleasantly surprised!
Soft and sweet. The cinnamon just right!

I highly recommend a stop here!

Yes momma! We will run the roads in search of pie and
continue the tradition you started. We will not let you down!


DJan said...

Such a noble sacrifice for you, making sure you can find all the best pies. That one will be hard to beat!

Mother's Moon's Message said...

goodness that looks good... in fact so good I think I am going to bake one this afternoon... thanks for the push...

Eva Gallant said...

That pie is making me drool!

Nina Diane said...

I'm thinking I need to join you on your searches for pie!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Being on the southern side of Lake Erie I do love that perch. It's my very favorite and I'd probably take the fish over pie any day, but that pie does look delicious! You lucky girl to find such good places to eat!

Lori E said...

Nothing like a good pie run. I make the world's worst pie crust so I could use a place like this.

Debra@Common Ground said...

This place looks like a great spot to really have a wonderful meal, and the pie...looks amazing, apple ala mode is my husband's favorite! Love seeing the local color!

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

Thanks for the Mom was truly a scratch piebaker...she made the most magnificent pies for her brother's restaurant...I remember her making 200 in one day...all by herself!!! She did leave me her recipes but I'll never be the pie queen that she was...