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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Purple Martin Bird Houses

Pretty soon we'll all be thinking spring and wanting to gear up for the season. 

I can hardly wait for the birds to start flocking back. Oh! To hear their songs again! I don't care what kind they are or whether they're good birds or bad birds, I just love them! Our poor little Suzie just sits in the window all day long during spring, summer and fall until we close the storms and have to shut down the big windows. All winter she'll reach up to the sills and look back at us as if to beg us to open them again! I hope she doesn't think that because we've shut the windows, the birds go away?

Driving through the countryside the other day, we spotted some awesome purple martin houses. This is a breed of bird that we all encourage to come because of all the insects, mostly mosquitoes, that they'll eat in a day. Way better than pesticides and repellents?


They are so low on the pole because after the Purple Martins leave in the fall, you'll lower the houses down so the starlings and other 'undesirable' birds don't claim the nests. Then in spring, you'll raise them up. The birds like them nice and high! These looked manufactured though and quite 'new age." 
(Which is interesting, because this farm is owned by a Mennonite Family.) 

On close examination, they appear to be made of plastic? 


These are awesome! I'll have to go to the Aylmer Co- Op and see if that's where they bought them!


crochet lady said...

I think if I were a bird, those would look like some pretty trendy apartments!

Frau said...

Great idea....I wonder if we have those birds here, the mosquito's are horrible.

Jayne said...

My sister and her neighbor have a house and are trying to attract a colony (have been trying for two seasons now that is) and it's harder than you'd think. All the conditions have to be right for them to choose a nesting site. These new manufactured houses make cleaning them out a breeze.

DJan said...

They DO look like a modern apartment complex! I like them very much, but I don't need to have any more birds around, and martins don't live around here anyway. I'd probably just get more sparrows...

Eva Gallant said...

Wow! Avant garde bird condos!

Carol VR said...

At first glance, I thought they were gourds... but on second thought your right.... surely they are manufactured.

Cool. I never knew to lower them. You learn something new every day.

ethelmaepotter! said...

I'm sure those are plastic; they're far too uniform. Actually, isn't that vinyl siding on the house...or maybe aluminum? If these Mennonites are like the Amish in our area, they're probably very liberal, in some areas. We have a little Amish market near here, quaint and charming, with wood floors, home canned goods, fresh pies (!), all sorts of goodies, the little clerk in her long drab dress and cotton cap...and a computerized cash register!