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Monday, March 29, 2010

'Til niagara Falls Freezes Over

During the night of March 29th, 1848, the residents of Niagara Falls woke up with the feeling that something was wrong.
They finally realized that it was the lack of noise. They had all become so used to the roar of the water rushing over the falls that the silence they were hearing was deafening!

Many of the townsfolk dressed for the chill and gathered at the river to watch. 

The flow of water was stopped completely over both falls on March 29th, 1848 due to an ice jam in the upper river for several hours. This is the only known time to have occurred. The Falls did not actually freeze over, but the flow was stopped to the point where people actually walked out and recovered artifacts from the riverbed! 

Enjoy these vintage photos from a freeze in 1911! The reports are that it also froze in 1932. A small trickle of water always found it's way past the jam, so it was never frozen solid.


If you've never been to see this natural wonder, it is so worth the trip! 
Now they regulate the flows and ice jams so this won't likely ever happen again.


Davine said...

Wow those are amazing photos. When we lived in Toronto we visited the falls whenever we had Aussie visitors staying. So I have seen the falls in every season and I think Winter is just as an amazing sight as Summer.

DJan said...

Amazing picture. I've been to the Falls but could never have believed that they could freeze over, since the water is so strong and vast. These are great pictures, thanks for finding them and sharing the experience!

Esme said...

A friend sent me these a few weeks ago-they are amazing.

crochet lady said...

Thanks for sharing that story and the pics. It is an amazing place.

Mick said...

That is so cool!

Eva Gallant said...

I don't know what's up with my computer today! I can't seem to get any photos. :( I'll try again later.

Eva Gallant said...

Finally, all the phots came up except for one. They are amazing. I have been to the falls before. It's been years, but it is an impressive sight!

Friko said...

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can anyone join in?

I saw you on fridge soup, would you like to join us? email me, Friko, if so.
Those postcards are fantastic. A sight I'll never see.

Lex said...

Amazing photos and very informative.

safdar ali said...

Those places are amazing. I really love and wish to visit such places. Thanks for sharing. niagara falls