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Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Candles A Memory

I have a childhood memory of opening the big old cardboard box that held our families collection of Christmas ornaments and the one thing that I searched out first every single year was the few delightful caricature candles that we owned. 

My childhood wasn't one of plenty nor privilege, but we did have a few awesome little figures and evergreen trees made of wax. Oh No! We never burnt them! That would mean we wouldn't have them next year and they held a place of honor on the TV's top amongst the lush pine boughs my mother would bring in from the yard.  

After the holidays we would carefully wrap the precious little pieces of paraffin in tissues again and I would tuck them into the bog cardboard box once again.  Dad would carry it upstairs to be put in the closet until the following year and we would move on to Valentines and Easter but...

I still put out the little paraffin candles in precious little shapes of  
                      snowmen, Santa's and trees. 

                    They mean Christmas to me.... you see.


Eva Gallant said...

love those!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How beautiful they are. I've a couple I've saved over the years. But they are nothing to compare to what you have.

That corgi :) said...

just found your blog (through Ma's); loved these ornaments! amazing they held up to through the years! what wonderful memories they must hold for you as year after year you unwrap them and put them on display


Terra said...

These are very cute, and doubly precious to you since they hold fond memories.

Winivere said...

These are lovely treasures! I can see why they are so meaningful to you! Blessings to you always.